Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Finish of Birthday Week

Day 6 Thursday, June 10th
Today is a surprise day. After work I taught my piano lesson and then Robert and I were off. Not quite knowing what to expect Robert headed onto the freeway. We ended up at Grossmont Center Mall. Walked into the mall and right into a place called Caermic Cafe. Inside I go to choose anything I wanted to paint. I picked an adorable penguin piggy bank and Robert picked a very cute garden gnome. We were there painting for about an hour and a half. Once we were done we left out masterpieces (once you paint them, they fire them and so we couldn't take them home with us until the following Tuesday) and headed across the street to Olive Garden. YUMMY!
We got a chicken flatbread appetizer, and I ordered the five cheese Ziti while Robert ordered the Tour of Italy. Too full, we couldn't even finish our dinner let alone have dessert. Such a wonderful day!

My Penguin (you can't tell in the pic, but he also has rosy cheeks)
                     Robert's Gnome

Day 7
Friday, June 11th
Relaxtion day. It was nice just to be together after work and relax. Especially after my fun filled week.

Day 8
Satuday, June 12th
OK. So technically my birthday week is over, but a present that Robert had ordered did not come until today. So he considered this part of my birthday week. I actually had alot of fun today though. While Jessica and my Mom went to a bridal shower I got to watch Gabe. We went to Target and then to the park to play for a bit. Then back to the house for a nap and then a battle in the backyard with water guns. Needless to say Gabe got soaked and loved it.
When I got home Robert had already checked the mail. Excited to see my last present I opened the box and found the movies Little rascals and Summer Stock. Two movies I have been wanting for awhile now. Plus Summer Stock is my favorite musical!
So all in all. I am one spoiled girl who had a wonderful birthday with a fabulous husband...who spent too much money :)


  1. wow, sounds like a pretty fantastic week! and that you're getting warmed up for paint pals!!

  2. Super Fun! Maybe next year it will be a birthday month ;) I love your penguin it's so stinckin' cute! We have a couple places like that here. We did it for T's bday one year. We had a ton of fun, it's where I made my kids "birthday" plate. I might have to look up this paint pals place. Can't say we've ever been