Monday, June 7, 2010

Beginning of Birthday Week

With my birthday approaching Robert decided to give me a birthday week. Here is day 1.
Saturday, June 5th.
Robert got the day off of work and planned a surprise for me. I was told to be ready about 10:30 in the morning. Dressed and ready to go we get into the car; I did make one request the night before, that while we were out we could go over to Santee and go to the library since that was the closest one that had the last two books in the series I am currently reading. Being the fabulous husband he is, he obliged my request.
So after he made a secret phone call we leave the house . And drove over to La Mesa to our favorite deli shop called Trolley Stop. When we got there we got stuck in the middle of the La Mesa Flag Day parade. Not wanting to become part of the parade we walked around until we got to a point where we could cross then walked back down to the deli place. The secret phone call was to place the order.
After picking up the food we decide we are too lazy and it is too hot to walk all the way around so we saw a gap in the parade and walked across.
After getting food we decided we better get gas next since the gas light started beeping at us. We head over to Santee to get gas at the Costco, then since we are over there we went to the library to get my books. And wouldn't you know, right behind the library is a park. Perfect.
We pulled into the park, get out of the car and find a nice table in the shade. We sit down take out our sandwiches and discovered he had ordered the exact two sandwiches we had on our first date, which also took place at a park. It was like going down memory lane.
After lunch we went back home, cleaned the house a little bit and then he left to go run "errands". I stayed home and did some work, read a little and then played a video game we had recently bought.
That evening we went to dinner with my family at John's Incredible Pizza (Robert and I had been there a couple of times before, while this was a first time for everyone else). It is similar to Chuck E Cheese...but more adult friendly. It actually is in the mall where Mervyn's used to be so the place is a decent size. They have a salad buffet, pasta/potato buffet bar, pizza buffet bar (which includes normal pizza flavors as well as unique ones like Alfredo, spicy peanut and nacho pizza) and a dessert buffet bar. Then there are 4 themed sitting areas. A Theatre room that shows old cartoons on a big screen, a music video room, a country themed room and a sports themed room. Then there is an area full of video games and has three indoor rides. Needless to say everyone had fun. Gabe loved playing the games (or at least attempting to, with the help of others). And it was fun watching Anthony and Jessica play Guitar Hero while Kristine and my Dad played the Terminator game (a shooting game).
I was given gifts cards and money and Jessica is giving me a back stage tour of SeaWorld (she works there now). Robert gave me my gift when we got home which was the new Alice and Wonderland movie on DVD, which we attempted to watch that night.
And that was the first day of my birthday week. So Fun!!


  1. Look at Robert go. I always said he would make a great hubby. Oh, reunion stuff is posted on my blog.

  2. Totally in favor of the birthday WEEK. You deserve it! And also, I want to go to that pizza place right. this. second.

  3. Awesome! We love John's incredible pizza, that alfredo pizza is the best! I think the birthday week is catchin on :)

  4. I think all birthdays should be a week long event.