Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Young Women-Handout (Journals)

For those of you who don't know, I am the Young Women's advisor in my ward. So I teach every Sunday except fast sunday. I always try to have some sort of handout or goody for the girls to take with them when they leave my class. This past week the lesson was on Journals. Being so excited about it, and wanting the girls to get excited too, I decided to make them Journal Addendums. Since I figured most of the girls would already have journals, I didn't want to give them another. So I made these books for them instead.
On a website I found a link for this journal called "My Life-According to Me". On each page it asks specific questions about their childhood and their favorites right now. I liked the idea because I think it is fun to recall my favorites from when I was younger. I know personally when I write in my journal I don't usually put what my favorite color is, or my favorite food, favorite game, favorite movie, and etc.This will help them remember those simple of fun things.
To make the books I printed the pages on regular paper (I was going to use cardstock, but then the book would have been pretty thick), then cut them in half. The covers are cardboard covered in patterned paper. The whole thing is punched with a Bind-It-All (another nifty tool) and tied together with an assortment of ribbons. They took FOREVER to make, but thankfully the girls actually seemed to like them. Since the website also had a My Life journal-Adult Edition, I made them for the leaders as well. They basically were the same except the adult edition had more to do about college, children, and etc.
The picture is just a few of the journals. I made 14 in all; these are the leftovers, plus mine.

Family Signs

Yesterday was my sister, Kristine's, birthday and for her birthday she wanted their last name in blocks for a ledge they have in their house that is currently bare. Deciding this was a perfect time and excuse to purchase vinyl and use it with my cricut I decided to make it. Finding the best deal for vinyl wasn't too difficult since I think I am pretty decent at finding deals online. I bought the wood from Dixieline (which my Dad cut down to the sizes of blocks I needed), Robert helped me with the finishing sanding touches on the blocks and painting them, and the cricut did the cutting. Here is a picture of the final result. (The last letter missing. My Dad accidently cut one of the blocks and needs to fix it)

While up in Utah for conference I went with my friend her her mom/sisters to dinner and shopping during the  Priesthood session. Of course we had to stop off at Robert's (an arts and crafts store). And being in Utah it has WAY more stuff than Michael's or JoAnn's down here. I found an unpainted wood sign that I had actually been looking for since I wanted to do a name sign for our house. So excited, I purchased it (oh and of course they always have amazing sales during conference weekend so everything was from 40%-75% off).
Since I had to purchase vinyl for Kristine's present I purchased vinyl for me at the same time...saves on shipping costs.
Here is the final result...kind of. I am probably going to add some embellishments to it.