Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Termination Notice - Effective Immediately

Dear Managements for PCOS, FM, and Hypoglycemia,

This is your Termination Notice to be effective immediately. Through time and thoughtful consideration it has been decided that your presence is no longer welcome.
You will no longer control my life. You will no longer make me miserable and unable to function. You will no longer cause me heartache and tears.
I appreciate the patience you have taught me and the strength I have gained from your involvement, but I am confident your services are not needed.
I have wasted too much time bouncing back and forth between all three of you. No more. It is time for me to take control.

There are important things I want in life that you will no longer keep from me.
I am aware that you may fight to keep your position, and it may take time to completely rid myself of you, but please know this...you will leave and I will succeed.
Please spare me your thoughts, I am no longer blinded by your lies that you are the controller and that I must "deal" with whatever you say.
I am the controller. I am the boss. I am more powerful.
I thank you for your time, but you will not be asked to return.



  1. Good for you!!! Good Luck!

  2. That scared me at first! You go, girl.

  3. I've had trouble making comments on blogger for awhile, but I've noticed your updates on Facebook about working out, etc. It sounds like you are really doing the things you need to do to stay healthy. My thoughts and prayers are always right there with you; it's a battle I feel personally invested in, for obvious reasons :)