Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More on Birthday Week

Day 2 -
Monday, June 7th (I skipped Sunday).
Worked during the day. Then evening came and Robert and I went to El Torito for dinner (they sent me a free entree for my birthday...who can resist free food). I love El Torito. I love their yummy warm chips, their salsa and their tableside guacamole (made to order). I was stuffed! But a good stuffed.
After dinner we went to Target to go grocery shopping since I am a slacker and a bad wife and have been sending my husband to work empty handed of lunches. :-(  While there Robert felt the need to buy me another present, the Stargate movie, unedited for $5. Score! Before we could grab up more items to spend money on we went to check out.
We got home, Robert unloaded the groceries and then we had Family Home Evening. Sometimes I can't wait til we have kids to do Family Home Evening with them. Sometimes it is hard with just us two.
After FHE Robert gave me yet another birthday present. Singing in the Rain on DVD!! I am so happy!

Day 3-
Tuesday, June 8th. My actual birthday. Woke up. Worked. Went to a meeting. Got Rubio's for lunch (another "here, it's your birthday, have a free meal on us"; I definitely will be working out more this weekend)
After work, I ran to the store to get a few last minute things for our cooking class. Yes. I still had cooking class on my birthday...and why not? I love cooking and I love my friends. Sounds like a good birthday to me. Robert came home with yet ANOTHER present. This time it was a fishy maze placemat (quick story: we were at Target and some kids were getting superhero placemats. Robert and I made a comment how we like fun placemats. Robert asked if I wanted a superhero one. I said no. While shopping for my b-day he saw the fishy one, remembered our conversation...and there you go. The idea of the fishy placemat), I also got some scarpbook ribbon, and a book from the Twilight series called Bree Tanner (it is a side story about one of the minor characters, and no, I am not a crazed Twilight fan. Just like the books). Whew. Could I be anymore spoiled?
Why yes I could. My friends showed up for class with balloons, presents, cake and ice cream. I tell you. I think I have the best set of family and friends. That night we made a Honey Glazed Chicken Stir-Fry. I had never made it before so I had hoped it would turn out well. And it was delicious! I even ate the brocolli that was in it.
Afterwards Robert and I finished watching the rest of Alice and Wonderland (since he fell asleep half wya through).

Day 3-
Wednesday, June 9th
I know it is still morning, but this is how the day will go. Wake up. Work. Exercise. And then go with the Young Women to do a service project at the DI while Robert and the Boy Scouts play softball.
Oh and if I can squeeze it in, I will be working on my recent sewing project, which I shall post once I am done with it :-)
Still loving birthday week!

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  1. Sounds totally awesome! Happy birthday!!! I wish I loved to cook because the chicken sounds fabulous.