Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Albums

About 2 months ago while cruisin' the internet I found this really cute blog that had an even cuter project called the purse album. I immediately wanted to try it out for myself with the help of my cricut. So I decided to use the idea and make them for Mother's Day. Here they are...

The green and burgundy one was for Robert's mother and the blue and yellow was for mine.
As you see the albums closed look like little purses. You can't see but both have straps on them made from ribbon. 

On the inside are two separate albums that hold 4x6 pictures. I used my bind-it-all to make the albums. I left some blank pages for them to include more picture but about 75% of the pages I filled with pictures of the families.

These were not the only items in their gifts. During one of my Young Women's lesson  we were talking about "Journal Jars", which are mason jars with strips of paper folded up inside and on each strip of paper there was a question. And those questions were meant to be answered in a notebook...or journal. After both sets of my grandparents have passed away I realize that there are so many things I wish I could have known about them. I don't want my kids (or myself) to feel the same way about my parents, or Robert's. So I also decided to give each mother a Journal Jar and a notebook. After they answer the questions, I will take the notebooks back. Type it up and then make a copy for each of their children to have.
I have a included a picture of their "Mother's Day Loot". This is my mom's loot. My mother-in-law's, Dennise, is just like it but with the colors of her album.

And that is what our mother's got this year.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Robert's T-Shirt

Since I have met Robert, he has, on a few occassions, mentioned that he would love to make T-shirts. If he hears a funy one liner or sees something, he makes a comment "That would make a good t-shirt". So I decided that while he was at school I would bring one of his t-shirt ideas to life. I went and bought a plain black t-shirt from Target, fabric paint and freezer paper. With my cricut I cut the image and letters out of the freezer paper to create a stencil. I then, ironed on the freezer paper to the shirt, used the fabric paint and a sponge brush. Since I was also working on Mother's Day presents (which I will post pictures of after Mother's Day...just in case my mom looks at my blog), I did the layers of paint in between working on the other projects.
Below is the final result. Needless to say he loved it :)  And I am pretty happy that my first attempt at this turned out so well.

This is part of his "I'M...Line" If the paint holds up well, I will be turning more of his t-shirt ideas into reality. Plus who doesn't love one of kind clothing?