Monday, August 30, 2010

Babies Galore

So it seems like this is the year for everyone having babies. In the second half of this year I have 7 friends who are pregnant. Here are a few of the baby cards I have made for baby showers.

This card I made for my Mom to give to a family friend, Brook, whose shower was last week.
This card I made to give to that same friend.
I also made a rag quilt blanket for her. It is quite large when it is open, so I just took a picture of it folded up. You get the gist. The front and back have the same pattern.

My other friend Carla, who is also having a girl had her baby shower this past Saturday. I made her a baby quilt, applique'd some onsies, and of course made a card, but I used leftover fabric from the quilt to make the card.

Here is the blanket. The one folded shows the flannel print that is on the back (and also the same fabric I used on the card). The picture below is the full quilt.

I am so happy for all my friends who are having babies. Maybe soon it will be my turn :)
Fingers crossed!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Whoever Family Reunion

Robert's sister, Christine, planned a family reunion for this year at Zion National Park in UT. The first Whoever Family Reunion. (whoever being whoever decides to come). This year it was Robert and I, and the Owens Family which included his sister, her husband John, and their kids Milton and Quentin.

Robert and I got a late start on Thursday, the 15th of July, due to a class he couldn't miss. On our drive we got caught in a thunder/rain storm around Barstow. And the closer we go to Utah the hotter it got.
We ended up staying the night in St George and then getting up and driving the rest of the way on Friday. When we got there it mid morning we set up the tent, unpacked the car, and then went hiking with Christine's family. We took the shuttle up to a couple of trails. It was 108 degrees that day. We came back and ate, lounged around and played.

Here is Robert using his Boy Scout skills to make our tent pole-stnad-thing.

On Saturday I drove Robert and his bro-in-law John up to the beginning of an 18 mile (or something like that) hike. After dropping them off I came back and with Christine and the boys we took it easy (as it was 112 degrees. We went and watched a video on the history of the park and then went to a class by a ranger who taught us about the different kinds of rock the park was made of. It was really interesting. In the afternoon we headed up the trails once again to meet the guys at the end of the trail and to play in the water. After being there for quite some time we gave up and went back to the campsite. The boys finally rolled in about 7 o clock. A little beat up.

Here are a few pictures I took on Saturday.

Sunday was Robert's mine first year anniversary. We woke up, went to church, came back and ate lunch. And then while Christine, John and the kids went to do more hiking, Robert and I relaxed and went down to the stream. At night the Owens Family put on a fun skit, while Robert and I did a campfire sing-a-long. After the kids went to bed, The Owen's introduced us to a new game called Blockus.
Monday, we woke up, packed the cars, headed to St George for some much beloved Bajio Mexican Grill for lunch, Ice cream for dessert, and then we parted ways for our homes.
As part of the reunion each family was required to do a scrapbook page of the family's doings from the past year, and do a family flag that will be used in the upcoming reunions too.

Here is our scrapbook page from out first year. Sadly, we really don't have the many pictures. I really do need to get better at taking pictures. (I don't know why it is sideways)

This is a picture of our flag. We decided to represent ourselves from characters from the Mr. and Miss series. The silver stripe is a bit of our randomness. Every reunion we will also put a patch from the location it took place at. And we left room for our family to grow...
(again with the sideways thing)

The family reunion was a blast. And we look forward to the next one.


So. I haven't posted anything for quite some time and have alot of catching up to do, so there will be quite a few posts in the next little bit.

First off. Robert and I went to Seaworld on July 5th. Yes, it was crowded and hot. But we had a blast. Here are a few pics from that trip.

Here is one of Robert and I walking around.

This is a picture of the one of the pilot whales in the new Blue Horizons Dolphin show. If you haven't seen it and you get a chance...GO! It is very cheesy, but they have dolphins, pilot whales, birds, acrobats and divers. If you ignore the main girl and guy, it is great!

Here is a picture of a couple of the dolphins. They have either 7 or 9 total in the show.

Here is Robert holding a Starfish.

We also went to the sealion and otter show, but didn't take any pictures there. But as always we enjoyed the show. Biff is hilarious. The day and night show are different, but both funny and worth seeing. The day one is a spoof on reality shows like Survivor, one of the dance shows, and etc. The evening show is a spoof on Seaworld itself. So FUNNY!!

And of course who can not go to SeaWorld without getting a picture of "Shamu".