Monday, June 7, 2010

Kristine's Mother's Day Album

I forgot to post this...that is why it is a few weeks late :-)

So, after finishing the Mother's Day Gifts I realized I didn't do anything for my sister. I know, she isn't my mom, but I still wanted to do something, but what? (This was on Friday). I decided to do a mini album, since our family loves pictures. Friday I ordered the pictures online at WalMart for one hour pickup. After work...I was lazy, so Saturday morning I picked the pictures up, finished running my errands, helped Jessica start on her Mother's Day Gifts and then started work on Kristine's at about 2:00pm. I finally finished the album at a quarter to nine. The album took me awhile to start since I couldn't get motivated or inspired. But thankfully it all came together. And that she actually liked it. Here is the final result. Again beware...there are quite a few pictures. I put them in order from front cover to the last cover. The album contains 4 "chapters". One for each year of Motherhood.

If you can't read the page..the first "chapter" is called: First year of Motherhood, off to an adorable start.

Second year of Motherhood full of Playing, Laughter, and Love.

Third year of Motherhood brought you Memories
Fourth year of Motherhood brings Imagination and Adventure
I think with each year I will add to the album that way it can continue to grow with Gabe.


  1. Very cute. I have a project I need to do. Can you and your amazing cricket skills help me when I come down?

  2. Beautiful, just beautiful!

  3. Of course Christine. I would love to help. Any excuse to use my cricket :)

    Thanks Linds!