Monday, March 29, 2010

Blog of a different kind...

This blog was to be a "documentary" about the Funktastic Faulkners...aka Robert and Heather. But having very few interesting things happening on a regular basis it became a semi-craft blog. So for today, I have decided to revert back to the intentional blog and give an update on the doings in our lives.

Last week was Robert's birthday and this being his first birthday as a married couple I wanted to make it special so I decided to have a "birthday week" instead of just one day. Some things didn't go quite the way they were planned...but when does everything go perfectly, right? The week included coconut kisses (a candy recipe I found), a fondue night with his choice of movie, meringue and hershey cookies (which did not turn out quite right), We still have horseback riding, but that got postponed til next week due to some unplanned events. It was a fun week and look forward to more birthdays with Robert.

This week Robert and I will be going up for an extremely fast trip to Utah to attend General Conference, Robert's mission reunion, and luck in timing, my cousin Lindsay's baby's blessing. We leave Thursday after work and come home Sunday after conference ends. I am really excited about this trip. Both Robert and I get to see friends neither of us seen in awhile, I finally get to eat Bajio's again, and really just get to spend a few days away from reality. This time, I just need to remember to actually use my camera :-)

And that, is the update on our lives.


  1. Sounds very nice! I am all for a birthday week ;) Have a great trip to Utah!

  2. Birthday WEEKS are the best!!! And let me just assure that when you see this adorable baby, you will not be able to resist using your camera :)

  3. Thsnks Jolene.
    And I am definitely looking forward to seeing your adorable baby (and you and Neal of course).
    I am ready for a little break from work and San Diego. :)

  4. Sorry to have heard you were sick on your trip. That is a bummer!