Saturday, March 6, 2010

My New Toy = New Creations

So in the last post that I did (2 seconds ago) I mentioned this new toy I got for my cricut. I Love It!. But you need special kind of files to use it with the cricut machine called SVG files. You can find a ton of those files on the internet but quite a few of them cost money. I am cheap right now since we are trying to watch our money, so I decided to create my own cut out files. To make these kind of files I had to get another program (that was free) to create my design in the free program and then save them to use in the other program with my cricut (It's not as complicated as it sounds, it's actually really easy to use). You can also use the free program to alter clipart, fonts, and other picture files to create a design.

These are my first two attempts in the creating a design from scratch. (The stork backdrop for the card, I used a clipart image and then made it into a silhouette).

For my first design I decided to go easy first so I did this bear who is made up of circles and ovals, which I then tweaked to make the body and legs. After I cut him out I accented his eyes and used my pastels to add rosy cheeks and little bit of a wear on the body.

The second design I did I decided to use the same design as the bear but just further tweaked it to make the body and parts of a pig (the ears were the hardest part). After I cut out the pieces I used a black marker to make the feet and then my pastels to add the rosy cheeks, the lighter parts of the ears and the wear on the body.

I am pretty happy with my very first attempts. I have decided to make a whole animal line. I have now designed a turtle and an elephant, but haven't had the time to make them yet. I will post them when I do.


  1. Very cute...and I love the stork card. But so I guess I'm a little confused about what the Cricut machine is. Obviously, it cuts things, but how does it work with software/internet stuff. And does it give you each of these pieces separately and then you glue them together? Maybe I just need a step-by-step tutorial :)

  2. I'm with Linds on this one - first of all SUPER CUTE! And I think I need to see this software cricut stuff in action. I just love that pig!