Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Amazing Cricut...in action

Here's a brief explanation of how the cricut works. You can do two different types of cuts.

The first is a single cut. The picture below is an example of this. This daisy border is one single piece of paper with the "unwanted pieces" cut out.

The second kind is a piece cut. You cut out each piece individually and then attach them together. Here is an example of a lady bug piece cut. Some piece cuts actually have a solid background that you attach the pieces to. 

Once you put all the pieces together you can add your own embellishment like so...


  1. Very cool


  2. Awesome! Thanks for fulfilling your reader requests :)

  3. Thanks! That's a very cool machine.

  4. Oh my goodness! I love that daisy border!! Can you do something like that but with awesome stars?!?

  5. I do listen to my readers :)
    Plus I get to show off my toys. who could resist?
    And yes Jessica, I could do one with awesome stars.