Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wedding Cards

Well, it is almost time for weddings to begin and both my mom and sisters requested cards for weddings they had coming up shortly. Here are the cards for those events.

The first one is the one I did for my mom. (Sorry, but for some reason it kept loading sideways onto the post). I decided to go with their wedding colors of a bright pink and green instead of the traditional looking wedding cards I have seen. I made it a long narrow card and made the envelope out of a patterned cardstock I found on sale at Michael's (which is where I get most of my stuff).

This second one (below) is for my sister. It is for my bro-in-law's best friend who is getting married later this month. I wanted to make this one a little more personal, since I actually know these people, so I put their names on the card. I also used their wedding colors of pink and brown for this card. Surprisingly a lot of people are having pink as their wedding colors. I made a matching envelope to go with this card as well.

I have discovered how to make envelopes and now will probably do it for all my cards. I like when it all goes together. :-)


  1. Your cards are really stunning, Heather! I am in awe.

  2. Both awesome! I love the color combos

  3. Thanks guys. I am glad you like them :)

  4. I really love Dustin and Kristen's card. Super cute and different. Well done sister...although it's no surprise since you do pretty much everything awesome-ly!