Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Robert's T-Shirt

Since I have met Robert, he has, on a few occassions, mentioned that he would love to make T-shirts. If he hears a funy one liner or sees something, he makes a comment "That would make a good t-shirt". So I decided that while he was at school I would bring one of his t-shirt ideas to life. I went and bought a plain black t-shirt from Target, fabric paint and freezer paper. With my cricut I cut the image and letters out of the freezer paper to create a stencil. I then, ironed on the freezer paper to the shirt, used the fabric paint and a sponge brush. Since I was also working on Mother's Day presents (which I will post pictures of after Mother's Day...just in case my mom looks at my blog), I did the layers of paint in between working on the other projects.
Below is the final result. Needless to say he loved it :)  And I am pretty happy that my first attempt at this turned out so well.

This is part of his "I'M...Line" If the paint holds up well, I will be turning more of his t-shirt ideas into reality. Plus who doesn't love one of kind clothing?


  1. Have you thaught of using the iron on t-shirt transfers? There are one specificly made for dark shirts. They work really well and hold up fine in the washer. You might even be able to put the sheets right into your cricket. Oooo, that would be cool if it works. They sell them at Wal Mart and other craft stores.

  2. I will have to try those. Thanks! The only iron-on transfers I have used were really thick and they didn't do very well in the wash.
    They also have a heat-adhesive vinyl that I was looking into getting.